In A Video: Fashion and its Questions in the World of Design

23 October 2018

You may have noticed that communities worldwide tend naturally to distinguish themselves from others as human civilizations differ due to a number of customs followed its members. This is reflected in the daily practices of individuals, starting with their breakfast, home decorations and the designs of their clothes and accessories. When we talk about clothes and accessories, in particular we discover that our modern communities use the term “fashion" to reflect on their unique way of wearing clothes. This term also includes shoes, hairstyles, accessories, makeup and others. Moreover, while clothes and accessories (fashion) of primitive societies were a consequence of the natural resources available and characterized with simplicity and simultaneousness, the complexity level of the fashion of different communities has changed gradually with time.
At one point in history, societies started to exchange fashion styles as a reflection of their connected civilizations and the development of stitching technology. From that point, the fashion world was freed from the narrow local geographical limits. It has become an international field full of ideas, colors and tastes from all sides of the world. Such exchanges increased when movement between different regions became easier. Different fashion waves have been widely spread with the movement of invading armies and commercial convoys in the east and the west. With the spark of the first industrial revolution, the fashion world experienced a reorganization phase that changed it to its current form. It was the first time in history clothes were wholesale manufactured. Thus, the lowering of prices of elegant clothes to affordable rates allowed the middle and poor classes to access those clothes. This field is continuing to develop.
Today, the fashion industry is one of the most profitable sectors worldwide with revenues estimated to be more than three trillion US dollars annually. The number of labors working in the field is more than 75 million worldwide. This industry depends on contentious self-Disruptor of its external form as one of its main pillars to survive. It is affected by the political, social and economic factors. However, fashion today is experiencing another factor that will truly change it, which is “wearable technology”. This technology is defined as the smart electric devices that can be attached to clothes or worn as implanted parts or accessories. It works by combining the technologies of internet of things, large amount of data and smart phones.
I wonder what the expected disrupting impact of wearable tech will be on fashion. How can it change an already evolving sector? What are the most common usages of such a technology in our daily life and how will we adapt?