In The Time of Rush.. Going Back is Not an Option

15 October 2018

Inspired by the workshop “Technology’s Disruption” part of "TANWEEN" 

 How this Era Became this Distinguished?
The technology tools used today vary and they affect our lives directly. There are an enormous number of applications that you can start using immediately after downloading them, that connect you with the world. This could affect our daily habits without noticing, affects the world and how it operates, and changes many of its laws and structures that we thought were far too solid. It is not possible to separate personal use of technology from its social impact anymore. Social media invites its users to take part in every event the world witnesses. It allows them to interact and influence, and hence, become active embers in the making of history. This influence is also apparent in economy. By liking, commenting and either promoting or criticizing a product, the regular consumer has the ability to disrupt the market value of the biggest companies. Even though we know of the negative sides to this technological advancement, it is not possible to think of going back to the tools of a time where they didn’t exist.

Speed and accuracy are two important qualities in every service, today. Delivery and transportation services are significant examples. Not only can you receive the service quickly, anywhere and anytime, but you can share your exact location, which saves time and effort. All of this increases the service’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. It also plays a role in corporations improving and becoming more organized and utilizing their resources better. However, corporations are not the only competitors in the market anymore. Advancing technology has opened the door for ordinary people to provide their services and products using social media. This encourages local industries, and gives individuals the opportunity to utilize their capabilities independently, in a manner that is financially and emotionally rewarding. In contrast, a number of jobs are being diminished and automized, but this also creates jobs in the technology sector.. to maintain the machines and technologies that guarantee the work continues. Education has advanced as well, current education requires more interaction between the students and the computers and their programs, so the new generation will be dependent on technology.

This dependency on technology means that going backwards to a past time is neither accepted nor possible. The reason is that these changes left a radical and continuous impact on the world. They are not temporary, and will not disappear with time. They are not a separate virtual world, but an integral part of the real world. The only question remaining is the kind of impact and change this speedy advancement creates. This time of rush offers us -now more than ever- many choices to choose and control our lives according to our own desires and needs. Although these changes are fast, they indicate how adding or taking away can change our collective consciousness. If our use of technology can truly change the world of tomorrow, we need to think thoroughly about the future we want, and choose the best ways to prepare for it.