In A Video: Disruption in Science

11 October 2018

Where Will Science and Technology Lead Us?

Science has developed due to the curious human nature and the ability to write and record things. Disruption helped in accelerating this development. As a result, education became more interactive and enjoyable by using modern technologies such as virtual reality, that noticeably changed style and content and allowed us to do things that are almost impossible to do in our real lives.

Written history shows us that humanity has gone through significant events. One of the most important events is the industrial revolution, which changed our lifestyles radically by merging materialistic, digital and biological worlds using the latest technologies.

Many scientific technologies have emerged recently, and we have to adapt to them, identify the challenges they pose, and the opportunities they allow. These technologies integrate elements of the real world environment, and modern and digital styles. We have to learn how to make use of them in an interactive and environmentally-beneficial way, i.e. learn how to use them to protect both ourselves and our environments’; and to do that in a way that is consistent with the digital world of today.

Will this cause a disruption in our society? Or will it work in our favor?

The creativity season “Tanween” sheds light on disruption in the fields of science, manufacturing, communication and fashion. It also explores its effect on our emotions, which include hope, surprise and fear, and how to recruit them to make positive changes in our lives the lives of others.