Ithra Summer Camp 2022

Let's go on a journey that allows us to expand our definition of engineering and helps us notice that it is everywhere! It is the phones and iPads we use, the sports shoes we wear, the cars we ride in, the highways we drive on, the buildings we admire, and the spaceships that can take us out of this world! Engineering is present in every aspect of our lives.


  • Creating a problem-solving mindset following an age-appropriate engineering design process.
  • Encouraging hands-on STEAM that teaches children to learn by doing.
  • Fostering creativity and the art of sketching to strengthen the ability to visualize a number of alternatives and solutions.

  • numbers

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Creative Thinking

  • Choose Your Track

    Age 4 - 6 Years


    Engineering 101: Why and How

    In this track, children discover the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists, in order to develop an inclusive understanding of the different professions and skills that contribute to an engineering outcome.


    Little Engineers

    In this track, children are encouraged to develop critical insight as they are taken on a journey of observation that highlights flaws in their immediate environment. Through the use of the Engineering Design Process, campers collectively brainstorm solutions and work on combating issues.

    Age 7 - 9 years


    Future Shapers

    In this track, participants will delve into the latest technologies and are given the space to visualize what inventions they would like to see in their immediate surroundings. As well, they will begin the work of implementing their ideas.


    Solution Creators

    In this track, campers are presented with problematic case studies and are encouraged to solve them. Through this exercise, campers will spot problems and assess solutions to actively participate in their immediate surroundings.

    Age 10 to 12 years


    Crack the Code

    In this track, campers go into a Breaker's space where they deconstruct gadgets and appliances in order to get a clear understanding of how each part looks separately, yet functions holistically when put together.


    The Art of Programming

    In this track, campers turn from passive consumers to active innovators as they get into a Maker's space to create a multi-functioning device. Through trial, error, assessment, re-designing and making, campers learn to work with grit and resilience.