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About Ithra Summer Camp 2021

This year, Ithra Summer Camp revolves around the theme: “A Universe beyond the skies” which will inspire children’s interest in space exploration and discovering other galaxies and planets. We offer six tracks that cater to boys and girls from 4-12 years with the aim of igniting curiosity, sparking a passion for knowledge, and nurturing their personal skills such as planning, problem-solving, critical thinking skills and discovery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

There will be workshops and interactive activities in both Arabic and English from June 7 –August 26, 2021.

Educational Goals

  • Campers will expand their knowledge of survival and settlement skills in space.
  • Exploring and building an understanding of different space environments.
  • Through STEM education, campers will be challenged to develop sustainable solutions.


  • Developing participants critical thinking through challenges.
  • Encourage participants to improve planning methods.
  • Enhancing participants’ self-discovery while applying the assigned tasks and missions.
  • Constructing knowledge by problem solving.

Choose Your Track

Age 4 - 6 Years


Planetary Guide

In this track, campers will be trained to be professional space tour guides. They will explore the galaxies, solar system, and the space surrounding us.


Space Treasures

This track will discuss the resources of the solar system and highlight the function of different planets, stars and outer space.

Age 7 - 9 years


Mission to Mars

3... 2...1... lift-off! Campers will simulate launching a spaceship and being part of a spaceship crew.


Music Beyond the Sky

Quiet… space is talking. Mars, black holes, the moon and the falling stars all have sounds. Campers will understand space sounds and their environment to develop melodies.

Age 10 to 12 years


Space Agent

Is there life on Mars? An exciting mission will unfold where campers will be part of a spaceship crew to build and launch a spacecraft to Mars!


Among the Stars

Let’s perform around the moon! From backstage to the main stage, campers will prepare, create, act and role-play to perform on the moon.