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Tanween: The New Next Feature Article DIGITAL FASHION IS SUSTAINABLE FASHION Loud tabla drums boom through speakers. The scent of…

03 December 2020

Talk: A Theory of Creativity

How to bring creativity into your business As much as creativity consultants have been extolling the value of creativity in…

05 November 2020

Talk: Future Food

F&B industry sinks its teeth into digitization A rise in contactless transactions. Consumers dine out less and dine in more.…

05 November 2020

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Creativity and Critical Thinking: Art, Wit and Assembly Lines What is the relationship between creativity and problem solving? One…

27 October 2020

The New Next: Bridging the Gap

The New Next: Bridging the Gap “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” That memorable first line to…

26 October 2020


TANWEEN: THE NEW NEXT – CREATIVITY IS THE WAY FORWARD By Nora Al-Taha A plate went flying across the kitchen. Smash! It…

13 October 2020

Five Reasons Why Should You Support Creativity and Innovation

1- IT MAKES BUSINESS SENSE Between 2002 and 2015, the global market for creative goods – has more than doubled in size. 2- IT…

07 October 2020

Visualizing the Data of Culture Challenge

Visualizing the Data of Culture Challenge Can culture numbers teach us about the creative sector? The King Abdulaziz Center…

17 September 2020

Tanween Workshops

Endless opportunities and unimaginable ideas bloom in an inspiring and supportive environment for creative young minds in the…

10 October 2019