Creativity is the language of this era. It is the dream that will allow the people of our beloved country to shape the future with their own hands. In order to enhance creativity as a vital pillar of Ithra’s vision, and in conjunction with our creative season Tanween, Ithra celebrates Creativity Week throughout the Kingdom’s Eastern Region by launching the Alsharqiya Gets Creative campaign. We look forward to being the foremost destination for creativity in the Kingdom.

Alsharqiya Gets Creative campaign is a community-based cultural and creative campaign that will take place from October 25-31. \The campaign aims to activate the creative spirit of community members and create a stimulating environment for the discovery and development of talents through various creative initiatives, ideas and materials, and sharing them on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #Alsharqiya_Gets_Creative.

The creative economy is a vital source for economic transformation, and social and economic progress.It is also a catalyst for the creation of job opportunities. Data indicate that the creative industry is one of the world's most rapidly growing economic sectors, and a transformative tool for generating income, jobs and exports. According to UNESCO, the creative industry recorded annual revenues of $2.25 trillion and scientific exports exceeding $250 billion, and is expected to reach approximately 10% of GDP.

The creative economy also creates approximately 30 million jobs worldwide.

Al Alsharqiya Gets Creative campaign will provide multiple opportunities for the Eastern Region to explore new ideas and innovative ways of thinking. Many different sectors will participate in this campaign, each in its own way:

Schools: Teachers who have been trained by the Center will be stimulating creativity amongst students by integrating creativity into educational curricula. Students will then present either tangible products or other ideas such as hackathons, projects, forums or panel discussions.

Universities and colleges: Students will experience and implement all forms of creativity, regardless of specialization, by proposing a creative project of their choice.

Small projects: Any form of creative projects which highlight the diversity and versatility of creativity, regardless of products or services. A café, for example, can design a special cover for Creativity Week.

Social platforms: The impact of creativity within the community will be discussed through sessions and dialogues related to the importance and impact of creativity.

Contribute to making Alsharqiya Gets Creative…

Be creative.