Ithra Downtown brings fun-filled games and learning activities for kids.


Little ones and adults will have fun playing at these extraordinary experiences.


Explore new crafts and gain skills in these artful and creative workshops.


Enjoy a variety of freshly-cooked dishes, bringing you brand-new exclusive taste experiences, as well as the familiar from various cooking traditions during Ithra Downtown.


Create wonderful memories and experience inspiration at Ithra’s outdoor activities.


Shop until you drop! Browse, pick and purchase precious souvenirs and unique items from the Bazaar, Ithra Store and Museum Gift Shop.

Something New Around Every Corner!

Ithra brings you the all-new season of Ithra Downtown, offering indoor and outdoor enriching spaces full of cultural programs and events, an outdoor cinema with various food menus, wonderful interactive artworks by international artists, in addition to studios that host workshops and various activities. Ithra Downtown is your perfect destination!


Explore more!

Outdoor Cinema

Ithra’s Lush Garden is getting a huge outdoor cinema screen. We offer films every day, from documentaries to classics and the best new talent.

Calligraphy Tree

An installation of all the Arabic letters in different colors, sizes and shapes.

Pottery Studio

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will definitely learn something at the pottery studio! Join us for daily professional workshop lessons.

The Bazaar

The bazaar will run under a different theme each month. Ithra’s Downtown Bazaar is a shopping event designed for you to experience and enjoy.


You will savor every bite of Bonzai’s imaginative Japanese barbecue spread, which is infused with modern ingredients.

Live Music Performance

Enjoy live musical performances as part of Ithra Downtown’s outdoor experience.

House of All Things

Children will explore the House of All Things and pick a random object to narrate a story around it and then the next child takes their turn.

String by Numen Me

Make sure to join the fun in this surreal experience.