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Creative Solutions is a yearly thematic innovation program for multi-disciplinary professionals (art, science, technology, etc.) that are eager to collaborate with others in the development of a viable solution to an identified opportunity or challenge. Participants of the Creative Solutions program follow the Idea Lab processes (Design Thinking, Co-creation, Open Innovation) and are guided by experts in creativity, innovation, advisors, mentors and facilitators throughout an idea to prototype journey.


  • Develop original creative content, experiences and marketable solutions.
  • Build an ecosystem of innovators that support the growth of the creative economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Support professional skills development.
  • Promote knowledge sharing.


In the 2021 edition, Creative Solutions will embrace the theme Digital Immersive Content Creation.The aim is to ignite the development of an ecosystem in Saudi Arabia of creatives and innovators that uses digital technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Realities (MR), Extended Realities (XR), Immersive Audio, and Haptics to create innovative content, experiences and solutions.


The Creative Solutions mission is to ignite, develop and strengthen an innovation ecosystem that supports the growth of the creative economy in Saudi Arabia.

Every year, the Creative Solutions program will run open calls to attract at least 100 creatives in Saudi Arabia. Up to 30 of those innovators will be selected to the cohort and at least five (5) ideas will be supported to be developed into a working prototype.


Selected participants will have access to:
  • Masterclasses on relevant topics to support skills development.
  • Mentorship with experts.
  • Engagement in strategic networks.
  • Access to tools, knowledge and lab infrastructure in the Idea Lab.
  • Opportunities to pitch ideas to potential investors and collaborators.
  • International Bootcamp (for the selected five ideas/projects).
  • Up to 75,000 SAR to develop a new content, experience, solution with partners (co-creators).


Creative Solutions program is designed to support any 18+ year old Saudi Arabia citizen or resident creative and innovator in Saudi who has ideas, concepts and/or projects that can leverage immersive technologies such as VR, AR, XR, Haptics, and Immersive Audio to develop new and authentic content, experiences and viable solutions for the creative economy. The potential participants can be, for instance, artists, entrepreneurs, technologists, professionals, university students or academic researchers, among others.


Joining Conditions:
  • The Program will be delivered in English as the main language, so fluency in English is mandatory to join the program.
  • Expertise in immersive content development and creations is not necessary.

Program's Timeline

Registration opens February 23, 2021

Creative Solutions FAQs

What are the benefits of Creative Solutions?

Prototype funding – up to 75,000 SAR to develop an immersive proof-of-concept prototype and supporting material.

Masterclasses on relevant topics to support skills development and idea development towards prototype stage.

Lab Infrastructure – for the duration of the program, participants will have access to a state of the art extended realities lab in the Idea Lab facilities in Ithra.

Peer to peer learning – part of a cohort of up to 30 talented creators from across the creative and technology sectors.

Business expertise – support network of industry experts, high caliber peers and commissioning bodies to help develop impactful experiences and build new business models.

Mentorship with experts

Demo Day – Opportunity to participate, pitch and host private demos and meetings with key stakeholders that can support further development and opportunities.

International boot camp (for the selected five ideas/projects)

What are the key dates for the program?

Creative Solutions launch event: February 23, 2021
Registration period: February 23rd – May 8, 2021
Masterclasses: May – July 2021
International boot camp: August
Prototyping development phase: August – November 2021
Creative Solutions demo day event: December 16–18, 2021

*Timelines are approximate and can be subject to change

How do I apply to join the program?

Complete the full application form

  • After your application has been received, it will be analyzed and – if needed – we might call you by phone to discuss your application.

What information we ask for in the application form?

  • Contact information: full name, email address, telephone number, date of birth
  • Idea: viability, originality, relevance, scalability
  • Opportunity or challenge identified
  • Feasibility to develop the idea into a prototype
  • Background and motivation
  • Ability to commit to attending our workshops and events
What are the judging criteria?

The criteria will be presented as statements. Each of the criteria has equal weight.

The judges will respond by indicating how strongly they accept these statements.

Strength of the idea: The idea is ambitious, well-developed, demonstrates strong vision and application.

Originality of the idea: The idea is out of the box and likely to push boundaries for immersive content.

Functionality: The idea will be well represented through the end prototype.

Suitability/relevance: The idea described uses suitable immersive technology and promises a good benchmark. The idea is also likely to be suitable for further funding opportunities.

Feasibility of prototype delivery: The delivery of the proposal is clear and achievable within the time frame and budget.

Potential to reach a chosen target audience: The proposal shows a good understanding of a clearly identified target audience and their distinctive characteristics.