Zackary Paben

Since 1991, Zackary Paben has been empowering adolescents and adults as a mental health and recovery professional, relying on wilderness and residential experiences to transform them. As the co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit More Heart Than Scars, he empowers people to understand in the affirmative that they are more than their visible and invisible wounds. Continually facing his own visible and invisible scars which include the partial loss of seven fingers followed by mental health challenges related to the trauma of that loss. He innately acknowledges others’ wounds and is able to encourage them in their own healing processes. More Heart Than Scars’ mission is a quest for faith, love, hope, and heart, achieved by overcoming obstacles together, and encouraging others to live boldly. Working with Spartan Race, Zackary leads adaptive athletes towards opportunities that build teamwork, interdependence, and resilience for future growth in their lives. Spartan Race has become the perfect vehicle for More Heart Than Scars to provide team building for both corporations, and/or students on the Autism spectrum.

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