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Tarek AlKassouf

Tarek ElKassouf is an award-winning designer based between Sydney and Beirut who works on collectible design objects and art pieces. Tarek’s cross-disciplinary approach to design ranges from designing the macro, including cities and buildings, to the micro including interiors and collectible design objects and furniture. He has won multiple A’ Design Awards for his collectible furniture pieces. Tarek’s work has been featured at more than 20 international exhibitions. He has also been invited to conduct multiple talks and workshops. His studio has launched two design lines. His high-end collectible design furniture range that focuses on fusing advanced engineering and master craftsmanship. And the ‘Something by Tarek’ range that celebrates mundane objects and is handmade by artisans making each piece unique. Tarek is represented in galleries and museums in Sydney, New York, Riyadh, Kuweit, Dubai and Beirut.