Samer Yamani and Pau Garcia

Data Strings is a collaborative installation between Samer Yamani of Creative Dialogue and Pau Garcia of Domestic Data Streamers. Samer Yamani from Spain, a Creative Director / Cultural Manager Expert in design and innovative crafts and Founder of Creative Dialogue. Samer has developed his international experience of more than 15 years as aCreative Director, curator and cultural manager, adding to his experience as multidisciplinary designer, his works are related to the multicultural design, cultural and creative industries development, heritage and publications among others. At the same time, Samer is expert in design and local crafts, he was behind the development of several design collection based on local crafts in UAE, Jordan, Mexico and India, adding to organize regional design events and was such as Design Road, Design Road Pro, PostCrafts and AAC, Architecture and Arab Cities, Samer runs Creative Dialogue, a creative agency based in Barcelona since 2009, with projects implemented in over 30 cities around MENA, Latin America, Europe and South Caucasus. Samer teaches and lecturers about designs in several universities in Spain and have been invited as a speaker in several international conferences and congresses about Creative Industries and Creativity. Pau Garcia - Spain, Founder of Domestic Data Streamers Domestic Data Streamers was founded in 2013 with the goal of creating new ways of communicating through data storytelling. They believe that any important interchange of information between people should always carry emotions, experiences, art and create knowledge. They bring people closer to data and information going beyond languages and cultural differences. For this purpose, our multidisciplinary team formed by anthropologists, psychologists, engineers, designers and communication experts uses design, art, science and technology as the main vehicles to connect people to information. They know that the essential ingredients of our work are perseverance, diversity, smart people and passion. We have worked in more than 17 different countries for a vast variety of organisations and companies.