Sam Bompas & Harry Parr

Bompas & Parr is globally recognised as the leading expert in multi-sensory experience design. The studio works with commercial brands, artistic institutions, private clients and governments to deliver emotionally compelling experiences to a wide variety of audiences.

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr first came to prominence through their expertise in jelly-making, but the business rapidly grew into a fully fledged creative studio offering food design, brand consultancy and immersive experiences across a diverse number of industries. The founders’ backgrounds in marketing and architecture play a key role in the positioning and nature of the studio’s output and Bompas & Parr activations boast a bold ambition, distinct aesthetic style and interpretive vigour that’s unrivalled among creative agencies. The studio works to experiment, develop and produce projects and experiences as well as provide strategy, analysis and advice for brands to increase consumer engagement through experience design.

The company has grown from just Sam Bompas and Harry Parr into a team of over 20 skilled and ambitious people eager to generate a wide range of projects. The multi-disciplinary studio now consists of a team of creatives, designers, cooks, specialised technicians, producers and film-makers and also contracts externally with structural engineers, scientists, artists and psychologists - in fact, any other discipline that facilitates a particular response to a creative brief – to experiment, develop, produce, and install projects, artworks and exhibitions.

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