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Richard Browning

Gravity Industries designs, builds and flies Jet Suits, pioneering a new era of human flight. The company, which is scaling towards an International Race Series, was founded to challenge perceived boundaries in human aviation and to inspire others to dare to ask “What if?” Launched in March 2017, the business secured $650,000 investment within the first two months from Tim & Adam Draper, Tim best known for his early investments in Baidu Inc., Tesla and Skype. Founder and Chief Test Pilot, Richard Browning, leveraged cutting edge technology to reimagine human flight, forging an elegant partnership between mind, body and machine. This vision led to the creation of the world's first patented Jet Suit. The Jet Suit currently can perform speeds in excess of 50mph and is technically capable of reaching an altitude of 12,000ft (although for safety purposes is flown lower). Gravity Industries’ extended team - made up of over 30 diverse and talented individuals, from engineers to pilots, across five different countries - has enabled the brand to be experienced by over a billion people globally to date, with video views alone running at more than 60million within seven days of launch. In the first 18 months Gravity executed over 90 flight events across 26 countries including four TED talks.