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Pau Garcia

Pau Garcia is a Spanish Designer. His research is based on the areas of graphic arts and new media technology. Pau was born in Barcelona in the 80’s. In his early college days, he was geared towards the Bio field in hopes to become a dentist. He then realized that life is too short to have your hands inside the mouth of other people so he finally studied Social Science at Jesuites de Casp and continued his education at Elisava School of Design and Engineering, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in a B.A. Graphic Design. After career in 2012 he won a European Prize, to develop an experimental cartography project in collaboration with Istituto Europeo di Design, in Milan. Since then he has developed different art and communication research projects in Italy, Germany, Norway, France and Spain. Nowadays he leads Domestic Data Streamers studio, working in research and interactive installations for cultural institutions, organizations and companies such as Qatar Foundation, CCCB or the Mobile World Congress.. Pau is curator at Color tracks Gallery and Ús Barcelona, a festival about art and urban space which brings together the best creative talents in the urban art scene throughout Europe.