Nuria Garcia Masip was born in 1978 in Ibiza, Spain, and grew up between Spain and the USA. In 1999, after completing her university studies in literature and philosophy, she traveled to Morocco where she developed an interest in Islamic art. She then returned to Washington, DC, where she studied the rik’a, sülüs, and nesih scripts with master calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya. She later moved to Istanbul, where she continued to study the sülüs and nesih scripts with masters Hasan Çelebi and Davut Bektaş. In 2007, she received her diploma (ijazah) in these two scripts, signed by her three teachers. She holds a master’s in art history from Sorbonne University, has won prestigious prizes in international calligraphy competitions and her work is included in various private and museum collections. She has also organized numerous workshops and conferences to promote the art of calligraphy internationally. Her work is firmly rooted in the classical school of calligraphy and she enjoys preserving the techniques and materials of the tradition. Masip is currently living in Paris where she teaches, researches and works on calligraphy.