Tickets are required to enter the Center during National Day celebrations from September 21-26.


Monira Al-Mansour

Monira Al-Mansour graduated from Dammam College of Science in 1991. She earned credit in Photography from Rice University in Houston from 2008 to 2009. She has had work experience as a lab technician and administrative planner for a local school from 1993 to 2013. Monira’s foundation for her future lied within her training in courses she participated in and is passionate about which include Authenticity course by Oprah Winfrey, Starting a Business course at Rice University, and Arabic courses in The Art of Communication & Influencing Others, as well as Basics of Home Gardening. She has built personal projects such as, initiating flower-recycling project and donated 100% of the revenue to a local charity, and conducting arts and crafts workshops to provide basic skills for young children. Her hobbies include a range of arts such as photography, scrapbooking, Zentangle (Brain Yoga), baking, and gardening.