Mohammed Al Faraj

As an artist and freelance filmmaker, Mohammad Al Faraj's practice reflects a collaborative and multifaceted relationship to making and sharing content, moving with ease between commercial jobs, network television projects, artworks for exhibition and material shared via social media. When he is home, in Al Hassa, a city located in the Eastern Province, home to Saudi Arabia's most extensive oasis and most productive oil fields, he works with a loose group of collaborators, who regularly come together to support each other's projects and produce photo and film. Commercial and television assignments often require him to travel, at times sending him to places he has never been before, and affording opportunities to see more of the country, meet it people and shoot footage for future endeavors. Mohammed Al Faraj Born in 1993 Al Hassa, Saudi Arabia, lives and works in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. As an artist and freelance filmmaker, his practice often reflects a collaborative ethos moves seamlessly across various platforms, which include television, social media channels and visual art institutions. Al Faraj’s work has been featured in Dubai Film Festival, Dubai (2014); Saudi Film Festival Dammam, Saudi Arabia (2015); Jeddah Arts 21,39, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2017) and participated in a group exhibition at Athr Gallery, Jeddah (2018), He was awarded first place for his documentary Lost within the student category at the Saudi Film Festival, Dammam, Saudi Arabia (2015), Mohammed Al Faraj graduated from the King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals with a BA in Applied mechanical engineering.

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