Lujain Alatiq is a highly driven Saudi architect who is adept at curating innovative experience-oriented spatial designs. Alatiq often explores regionally inspired concepts including a contemporary take on her Middle Eastern roots while focusing on unconventional designs and construction methods. Alatiq obtained her degree from the University of Sharjah and has participated in international workshops and competitions. Aside from pursuing her profession as an architect at a leading engineering design firm, she also independently takes on experience-design-oriented projects. Among her notable collaborations, Alatiq co-designed the winning proposal for Dubai Design Week’s 2020 Urban Commissions titled “Basta”. She aims to continue challenging design norms and contribute towards growing the design community in an exciting new direction.

Offerings by Speakers

Faseelah Pavilion X Building Simplexity

Friday 12th November, 2021
06:45 PM - 07:00 PM