Joshua Hanna

Joshua Hanna is an educational technologist and 5th grade technology teacher for the Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Joshua Hanna’s undergraduate and masters are in science and he has a background in both science and technology. Prior to international teaching he worked as a technology integrationist for the University of Northern Iowa’s College of Education and has successfully constructed, implemented, and led in the development of media production programs for five different school districts, two of which are international programs and has worked with grades pre-K through university level students. Joshua has directed teams of students in the creation of content for many organizations and nonprofits on the local, regional, and international levels. Joshua’s design-based approach to the classroom utilizes the UbD framework, infusing collaboration and blended learning into lessons while pairing students with real clients and authentic opportunities. Over the years, students involved in Joshua’s media production classes have received many accolades, recognition, and awards, as well as tackling a wide array of projects such as covering the U.S Presidential elections alongside the National Press, awareness campaigns for local non-profits, media spots, and community local-access programing. For more information on Joshua’s media background, access to educational technology resources, or ideas related to media production, visit his website at:

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Creating a School News Program

Friday 10th September, 2021
07:15 PM - 09:15 PM
SAR 176