Josh Foer

On average, people squander forty days annually compensating for things they’ve forgotten. Joshua Foer used to be one of those people. But after just one year of intensive memory training, Foer won the U.S. Memory Championship and competed internationally. Under the tutelage of top “mental athletes,” he learned ancient techniques once employed by Cicero to memorize his speeches and by Medieval scholars to memorize entire books. Named “One of Ten People Who Could Change the World” by The New Statesman, Foer found a vital truth we too often forget: in every way, we are the sum of our memories. Foer’s unique and acclaimed book, Moonwalking with Einstein, became a #1 Amazon best-seller just days after publication. Drawing on cutting-edge research, a surprising cultural history of memory, and venerable tricks of the mentalist’s trade, Moonwalking with Einstein challenges our understanding of human remembering. Foer’s unlikely journey from chronically forgetful science journalist to U.S. Memory Champion explores the vast, hidden impact of memory on every aspect of personal and professional lives. In connection with the importance of remembering the past, in 2013 Foer launched Sefaria, the digital home for the Jewish canon and the platform for the future of Jewish commentary and publishing. Voted one of the “50 Most Influential Jewish Leaders” by The Forward, Foer is also the co-founder of Sukkah City, one of the largest architectural design competitions of the last twenty years, which attempted to re-imagine 3,000-year old ritual Jewish huts. In September 2016, wonderlust meets wanderlust in an extraordinary new travel book, Atlas Obscura. Created by the founders of, the vibrant online destination and community with over 3 million visitors a month, Atlas Obscura is the bucket-list guide to over 700 of the most unusual, curious, bizarre, and mysterious places on earth.

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