Jess Bossung

Jess Bossung is a Language Arts teacher working for the past five years at Saudi Aramco Expatriates Schools, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. Jess is a native New Yorker who has spent much of the past twenty-five years living, studying, traveling and teaching overseas. Over the past fifteen years, Jess has taught in Japan, New York City, South Africa, Peru and Saudi Arabia. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Wales and Master's degrees in Secondary English Education and Journalism from New York University. Jess loves that he has an opportunity at SAES to share his passions with his students through the various electives and extracurricular activities he leads. If he is not in his classroom or the Media Center, odds are you will find him in the Multipurpose Room with a group of kids rock climbing, juggling or racing around on unicycles. Jess is an experienced presenter who has facilitated.

Offerings by Speakers

The Power of Podcasts

Friday 10th September, 2021
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
SAR 176