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Dr. Siham A. Al Suwaigh

is a professor of Educational Psychology and a Certified Play Therapist. She received her B.S. from Oregon State University, her M.A. from Northwestern University, and her Ph.D. from University of Oregon. In addition to her teaching at King Saud University and Royal University for women, she has served in a variety of administrative positions. Specializing in Child Development and Play Therapy, she has published over 26 research papers, 6 books as author or coauthor in addition to book translations and conference presentations. As a certified Play Therapist and trainer, Dr. Siham has delivered an array of workshops on parenting, teacher training, and Play Therapy in addition to presenting over 100 public speeches and TV appearances in the Gulf region. She has also received several awards for her professional achievements as well as her community services. She is currently the Founder and Director of MOSANADA Center for Child and Family Consultation located in the Kingdom of Bahrain.