Head of the Programs Division at Ithra

Ashraf Ehsan Fagih, Ph.D., Head of the Programs Division at Ithra, is an expert in identifying, establishing and advancing knowledge-exchange opportunities. A highly qualified communicator and planner, Fagih has successfully employed more than 25 years of creative writing experience to maximize the reach of two of the leading educational and cultural institutions in the region. He is currently the Head of Programs at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) – Aramco's flagship cultural initiative. His expertise with Aramco also includes leading the Communications & Partnerships Division of Ithra, in addition to heading the Media Relations of Aramco and contributing to the MarComm team of the Company's monumental IPO in 2019. In addition to his professional commitments, Fagih is a renowned Saudi author with five published titles in the genres of science and historical fiction. Most notably, he is known as a promoter of the literature of science. He served as the Senior Science Editor of Al-Qafilah magazine and is regularly invited to deliver speeches and workshops on a variety of topics.