Architect and Co-founder of Watad Studio

Shortlisted for the Women in Architecture and Construction Award’s Rising Star category,
Saudi architect and co-founder of Watad Studio, Dana AlAmri, hopes to improve the quality of architecture in her home country. Dana Al-Amri is a Saudi architect and the co-founder of Jeddah-based Watad Studio, which looks at creating contextual designs and architectural solutions that respond to local needs. Representing an emerging generation of female architects from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Amri hopes to support the needs of local communities and the developing urban fabric of her home city and country. She has designed a number of projects spanning the residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors.

AlAmri has also worked on socially responsible projects, such as the Solar Ovens Project,
which aimed to educate those devastated by the Jeddah floods on the use of solar power;
research on the regeneration of Jeddah’s slums and neglected historical neighbourhoods;
and Malik Road Redevelopment, which sought alternative solutions to the layout of the
area’s streets in the hopes of reducing traffic and vehicle accidents. Al-Amri has also
participated in conferences and fairs, such as Qamra, during which she discussed the
importance of sustainable architecture and construction methods.

Offerings by Speakers

Pavilion as Prototype

Friday 12th November, 2021
07:15 PM - 08:00 PM