Multidisciplinary designer

Chris Law is a multidisciplinary designer with a lifelong passion for footwear. He started his professional journey after studying graphic design and typography at London College of Printing. Out of college, Law took a role as lead designer for a web design company but soon decided that creating corporate websites wasn’t for him. He needed to express his creativity through a passion for culture, especially sneaker culture, so he and a few friends came together and started an agency called Unorthodox Styles with the intention of working for footwear and streetwear brands creating content and sharing their knowledge. This led to their passion project, Crooked Tongues – one of the first authentic websites dedicated to sneakers. It grew and became a global community and leader of the pack in the early days of sneaker culture as we know it today. Law and the Crooked Tongues team soon caught the attention of sneaker brands through their encyclopedic knowledge of footwear culture and history, and their knack for creating insightful content around it and presenting it in a creative way.
In 2007 Law was recruited by Adidas Originals and moved to their North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon. During his tenure as Senior Design Director at Adidas, he has worked on many projects and collaborations with partners including rapper Snoop Dogg, actor and artist Donald Glover, hip-hop legends The Beastie Boys, global sporting icon David Beckham and many more. Law has also worked in a senior lead design capacity for both Converse and Clarks Originals. Furthermore, Law was the designer and co-author of what is widely regarded as the first and most comprehensive book in its genre, Sneakers: The Complete Collectors’ Guide (Thames & Hudson).

Offerings by Speakers

Chris Law: A Masterclass

Saturday 30th October, 2021
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
SAR 500

Creating the Perfect Sneaker

Friday 29th October, 2021
06:40 PM - 07:20 PM