Ayesha Amjad is a self-taught artist who recently fulfilled her life-long passion to study and practice art. She completed her master’s in traditional arts in July 2021 from the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London. Her degree show was sold out, with the Earl of Snowdon purchasing one of her main pieces. Her work explores the concept of journeys using visual inspiration from medieval Islamic maps. Created in a graphic, map-like format, her paintings use vivid and highly detailed imagery contrasted with organic and fluid forms to illustrate the forgotten journeys that shape our life experiences. She uses Indo-Persian miniature techniques to paint scenes that are part map, part landscape and heavily steeped in symbolism. Staying true to traditional practice, she makes her own watercolors using natural materials such as rocks, plants, earth and gold leaf. Amjad is based in London and is currently working on private commissions.