Amparo Leyman Pino

Amparo Leyman Pino is an education consultant based in San Francisco Bay Area, CA and the principal and founder of Yellow Cow Consulting and a collaborator with Sietecolores. She holds a BS in Psychology and a Master in Education. Amparo is also a member of the prestigious consortium The Museum Group and an alum of the Noyce Leadership Institute, currently known as the Informal Learning Leadership Collaborative, ILLC. She started her career in museums and science centers in 1994. She worked as a consultant at Papalote Museo del Niño, the children’s museum of Mexico City. Her passion for education created an exciting career path where Amparo has had the opportunity to bridge formal and informal education settings. She has been the Director of Education of Futurekids de México, the Director of Educational Content and Programming at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and she is the co-founder and former Principal of a private elementary school in Mexico City.

Amparo lead projects related to teaching, counseling, training, professional development, curriculum development, assessment, research, technology integration, content development, after school programs, e-learning and informal education of science, technology, the arts, entrepreneurship, and interpersonal development through exhibits and programs. She has been involved in relevant projects such as the creation of twelve new museums in Mexico and the Middle East. She is the designer of new programs for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers for the Children’s Museum of Jordan. In her role as advisor, Amparo provided guidance to the design of the award-winning exhibit MegaMind at the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, her practice focuses on diversity and inclusion with two primary practices: content and strategies.

Amparo is dedicated to developing new ways of learning for multilingual communities. She is an expert in adapting the language and culture of programs and exhibits. Her work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is opening new avenues of understanding through the creation of blended language programs. Amparo’s work includes institutional processes to understand and embrace practices for diversity and inclusion. The training and professional development programs are helping institutions to create capacity and shift the understanding of diverse audiences. In addition to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Amparo has worked with several other institutions such as the Santa Cruz MAH, the Lawrence Hall of Science, The San Diego Natural History Museum, Cornell University, Sietecolores, the Desert Botanical Garden, the California Academy of Sciences, OMSI, Children’s Museum of Jordan, the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture, El Laberinto de las Ciencias y las Artes, BizWorld, Kidzone, Library Works, Demco, and the Swedish Exhibition Agency.

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