Alan Parkinson

“I design luminaria because I want to share my sense of wonder at the phenomenon of light.” -- Alan Parkinson. About Alan Parkinson: Alan Parkinson, is a creative designer born in 1949, Darlington, UK, and now lives in Gex France. He started designing the luminaria because he wanted to share his sense of wonder at the phenomenon of light. He used to be a keen photographer at 11 years of age, and in his twenties he studied photography at degree level - with a particular interest in the phenomena of photography and the material of the photograph. He established himself in 1992 as an ‘Architect of Air’ to build and tour his luminarium designs. His inspirations have been drawn from structures – whether they’re natural, geometric, or architectural such as Gothic cathedrals, Islamic architecture or the work of innovators such as Gaudi, Frei Otto, and Buckminster Fuller. He also likes to challenge himself through finding new ways to combine the fundamental pneumatic volumes, cylinders, cones & spheres, and working with the characteristics of the material to achieve structures that enhance the visitor’s experience.

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