Aisha Saleh Alkhlaifi

Aisha Alkhalifi graduated from the Department of Arabic Language at the University of Kuwait in 1974. She was the head of the Woman and Child department and was promoted to other positions at Kuwait Radio; where she was also the presenter of many Gulf and Ramadan evenings. She is a member of the permanent committees for Arabic and International Day of Child and Family, and the World Children’s Day. She was involved in humanitarian work through the delivery of financial aids from the people of Kuwait to Sudan and Palestinian Refugee Camps. She was the first Arab Muslim media woman to enter Somalia and Bosna after their civil wars. Ms. Alkhlaifi is active locally via her participation in different conferences and talks in Kuwait about issues related to children, motherhood, and family. She was honored by the association of Children and Motherhood in Bahrain and was awarded by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali Al Khalifa with the Giving for the People of Giving Award (جائزة العطاء لأهل العطاء). Although she retired in 2014, she is still generously a helping communities through social activities, media, and volunteering.