Course Description:

In this mid-level course, student creatives, designers, art directors and anyone with an interest in typography, layout design, publication design or graphic design are welcomed to explore bilingual production and editorial design. Over the span of this course, participants will learn about publication design while focusing on bilingual Arabic and Latin typography as the main design components. Participants will undergo a practical assignment to design a small publication such as a magazine, fanzine, newspaper or another type of publication. By the end of the course, the written pieces will be developed into a complete product using typography and images.


Course Objectives:

  • Building a binding and creative concept for a publication design.
  • Creating a visual graphic system to reflect the concept and consistently use it across the publication.
  • Mastering effective usage of bilingual typography and images to produce a bilingual publication design.


Course Outcomes:

  • To conceive, design, and print a publication project during the course
  • To gain a vast understanding regarding creative practice in relation to publication and layout design.
  • To conceptualize, design, produce, and present a publication project from beginning to end.


Recommended for:

Beginner and professional designers, graphic designers, multimedia artists, and art directors.


Tarek Atrissi

Creative Dutch-Lebanese designer, Tarek Atrissi, is the founder of Tarek Atrissi Design (, a design studio based in Barcelona and with offices in The Netherlands. He has a diversified knowledge of a variety of cultures, with his ability to fluently speak Arabic, French, English, Dutch & Spanish. Atrissi’s studio’s typographic and cross-cultural design approach is a production of projects that left a significant influence on the contemporary graphic design landscape in the Middle East.

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Tarek Atrissi

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