Course Description:

Stories are an integral part of our lives, to share our thoughts, make persuasive statements and pass our opinions. Not only that, they are deemed as distinctive elements of what makes us humans, to bond with our friends and family, or strengthen our argument as we give a speech. This course welcomes story lovers, teachers, speakers, librarians, kids’ center workers, and prospective authors to explore the basics of storytelling. The participants will study story narrative styles by acknowledging the meaning of the story, what makes it engaging, and how they can use it professionally to support their point and enrich their dialogue. Besides obtaining the essential skills and techniques needed to set a strong foundation for storytelling, they will practice using various tones and setups for telling a story. They will use the skills they have accumulated throughout the course to tell a story to a listening audience, and in turn, enhance their public speaking skills.


 Learning objectives:

  • Obtaining the skills needed for reviewing and critiquing a story.
  •  Choosing the right tone to tell a story in order to increase its effect on the audience.
  • Mastering gestures and body language for telling a story.
  • Practicing storytelling on stage and interacting with an audience. 

 Learning outcomes:

  • To practice using personal and engaging stories in their speeches. 
  • To practice using body language and storytelling tools.
  • To master storytelling on a stage and interacting with an audience professionally by using all the skills earned/ received on this course.


Recommended for:

This course is directed to teachers and lecturers interested in developing the skill of storytelling, and those interested in public speaking and recitation. And workers in libraries and children's centers, and those interested in literature.



Mohammed Abu Obeid

A Palestinian journalist, he was born in Palestine and graduated from Birzeit University, where he majored in history and political science. He worked in journalism while he was in Palestine, then moved to Dubai in 2001 to participate in the establishment of a radio station in Dubai and head the news department there. He joined Al-Arabiya since its inception in 2003, to work as an editor. 

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Mohammed Abu Obeid

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