Course Description:

 During this three-day course, designers, marketers, and food & beverage business owners will get to touch upon the importance of good packaging. Participants will learn about the development of the trade, covering its history to the more recent trends in the market, focusing particularly on food packaging. The knowledge they acquire in this course will enable them to come up with clean and attractive packaging designs that are sure to make their products more presentable to the customer and subsequently boost their sales. 
This course will go over a wide array of design approaches. These designs range from the postmodern to classical packaging, while including other trends and design concepts. The theoretical part of this course will be backed by a practical assignment where participants will get the opportunity to redesign the package of an existing food product by using the smart, creative and visually appealing design strategies they covered throughout the course. 

Learning objectives:


  • Gaining an overview of packaging design in both theory and practice that spans from concept development, design, prototyping and production.
  • Developing the ability to apply general graphic design and typology skills, to the initial design of a package.
  • Inspiring new creative approaches to packaging design that adopt strategies that will increase sales while attaining innovative concepts that are curated to excel in the Saudi market.

  Learning outcomes:

  • Developing a foolproof packaging design concept that participants can add to their portfolios.
  • Creating two different packaging design solutions for the same product as per market positioning.
  • Acquiring a good understanding of packaging design that would inspire turning commercial products into visually appealing and collectable items.


Recommended for:
Graphic Designers (students and / or Professionals), Designers, packaging design enthusiasts, creative profiles. Strategist, Branding enthusiasts, visual artists.  Participant’s experience: Intermediate / Advanced knowledge in design.


Tarek Atrissi

Creative Dutch-Lebanese designer, Tarek Atrissi, is the founder of Tarek Atrissi Design (, a design studio based in Barcelona and with offices in The Netherlands. He has a diversified knowledge of a variety of cultures, with his ability of fluently speaking Arabic, French, English, Dutch & Spanish. Atrissi’s studio’s typographic and cross-cultural design approach is a production of projects that left a significant influence on the contemporary graphic design landscape in the Middle East. He is a member of the advisory committee of The Creative Industries Fund NL, the biggest cultural funds in Holland supporting international design projects with funding from The Netherlands' ministries of culture and education. Atrissi is an interesting designer with an extraordinary vision. 

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Tarek Atrissi

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