Course Description:

The theater is an old art form which combines different aspects of human imagination such as story narrative, dialogue, acting, lighting, and props and decorations. All of which will create a compelling and captivating story that would leave a special memory in the mind and soul of the audience. This course welcomes all those who are passionate about theater such as playwrights, directors, producers, actors and theater enthusiasts to explore the creative world of theater script writing. 
 Through exciting and interactive training, participants will get to analyze a variety of theatrical scripts, discuss of the different styles of writing scripts for the theater and take notes and tips while they develop and complete their own script by the end of this course.


Learning objectives:

  • Learning theater structure and planning one of their own.
  • Building the skill of writing a theater script in a professional way and putting it in practice.
  • Developing the skill of writing theater dialogue in a progressive method that would add up to the story.
  • Crafting compelling characters for the script.
  • Recognizing the importance of describing place and time to the structure and development of the play and learning how to describe them in an effective way.
  • Outlining the technical elements in a theater show with great attention to detail.
  • Being able to use the right language and style as suitable for the purposes of the story and its target group.

Learning outcomes:

  • The participants would be able to build the skill of writing a theater script in a professional way.
  • The participants would be able to describe places and characters in compelling style.
  • The participants would be able to recognize the artistic and technical elements that make up a scene.
  • The participants would be able to write gripping dialogues in order to develop the audience’s interest in their story.
  •  The participants would be able to use the appropriate language as befits the target group and the progression of story.


Recommended for:

Those interested in this course are theater amateurs, writers of theatrical scripts and scenarios, and those interested in directing and theatrical photography, or in creative writing and acting.



Yasser Madkhali

A Saudi playwriter who was part of several plays as an actor, author, and director. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature and his Master’s degree in Social Defense and Human Rights from King Abdulaziz University.
 He has produced several works in the fields of culture and entertainment.

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Yasser Madkhali

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