Seeing and Perceiving Guided Tour


Seeing & Perceiving is an exhibition that challenges the viewer to question their reality. It encourages them to explore and perceive art in different ways and from different angles, while highlighting the importance of reflecting, assimilating and taking part in a dialogue about what is surrounding us. The personal interpretations of this exhibition will be heeded throughout our programs and workshops associated with the exhibition content.

Ithra brings an exponential selection of highly recognized artists from the international and regional contemporary art scene to re-imagine the viewer's perspective and their own perception. Drawn from Ithra's art collection this exhibition showcases a series of newly commissioned artwork, as well as site specifics and artworks on loan.

Seeing & Perceiving opened in June 2021 and runs through 2022.


Dates & Location

Tuesday 1st - 26th March, 2022

Museums – Gallery 1


English, Arabic

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