Digital Risograph (Advanced Level)


Risograph printing is a technique best described as digital screen printing. The process is similar to screen printing, but with the convenience of an office copier. It is known for its vivid colors and the specific textures that are unique to the Risograph printer. These machines deliver “perfect imperfections” and provide a cost-effective and easy method for reproducing work in large quantities, including posters, prints and zines. In the 3-hour sessions over two days you will learn how to work on your files to make them ready for print.

Day 1: Work on digital files to get them print-ready
Day 2: Printing and work independently with the Risograph printer

Note: We have the space open for you for an additional day to work further on your project and connect with other participants during the same time as the workshop.

* Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Adobe design programs; please bring your personal laptop to the workshop.

Dates & Location

Wednesday 18th - 19th May, 2022

Thu: 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Idea Lab - Floor 4 - Artists Lounge



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