Wood Turning for Beginners


During this four day workshop, you will learn the skills to design and make using a machine lathe. You will experiment with combining different materials and different kind of wood. Acquire knowledge on how to design with the tools and techniques related to woodturning. By the end of the workshop, you will have created a home accessory, to your own design.

Day 1: Provide background information in woodturning. Show the variety of products and effects possible through the choice of material and technique. The session will end with a short lathe exercise.

Day 2: Explore basic lathe operation workflow and start to make cuts into the wood. Develop a feeling for how you can manipulate the materials using different tools.

Day 3: This day will continue to focus on essential lathe operation and grow your confidence with the lathe. Develop your design ideas and review your concepts with the group.

Day 4: The final day will provide dedicated time to work on your project and to share what you have learnt and made during the workshop.

*This workshop does not require any previous knowledge in woodwork or using lathe machines.

Dates & Location

Tuesday 14th - 17th September, 2021

Ithra Tower: Floor 3 - Lounge


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