Transform Islamic Artefact to Graphic


Let’s take a trip through the visual history of Islamic art. In this workshop we will create experimental postcards with a fresh perspective on the history, the architecture, the artworks and artefacts. We will play with iconographic motifs and break stereotypes by exploring different visual techniques such as collages, illustrations and lettering. to express a personal view of Arab culture, past and present.

Day 1 – Exploring and documenting the Islamic artefacts in Ithra’s museum and creating a visual library of the artworks.
Day 2 – Learning to approach the subject through different manual techniques and then digitising them. Developing the design.
Day 3 – Finalising the design approaches in digital form.
Day 4 – Presentation of the final designs. Reflection and discussion

Dates & Location

Wednesday 24th - 30th November, 2021

Idea Lab: Floor 4 - Artists Lounge



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