As part of this post-digital agenda, Building Simplexity seeks to overcome the construction complexities commonly associated with digital design through the simplest of means, using digital design tools as weapons-of-choice to root the work back in a human-centered construction reality. The aim is to increase impact by targeting applicability not only in contexts of greater means, but also in developing construction environments where resources are scarce. While procedural control of the design and production process is maintained throughout, dependency on exclusive modes of computer-controlled production is avoided. As computational power has become available everywhere at virtually zero cost, the question becomes to meaningfully incorporate it in design and building processes in areas of highest growth and greatest need.

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Dates & Location

Friday 12th November, 2021

Great Hall


English, Arabic

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Dr. Kristof Crolla

Dr. Kristof Crolla is a Belgian architect who combines his architecture practice Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd (LEAD) with…