Sustainable Packaging Design


Product packaging is a large contributor to global waste. Discover how you can make an impact by rethinking how we design packaging. It is an essential part of the safe and efficient delivery of goods. It provides critical preservation for food, security for drugs and medicines, and conveys vital information for consumers. The packaging of a product is a necessary way to represent its brand. But packaging design needs to change to contribute to solving the environmental problems the world now faces.

You will learn how creative thinking can lead to solutions to big problems. We will focus on the use of disposable plastics. Through a series of mini design exercises, you will explore the design process of one such solution, the edible water bottle 'Ooho'. This two-day workshop will take you through the design thinking process, material selection, product life cycle, and product requirements to find new sustainable solutions to packaging.

Day 1: Case study exploration
Day 2: Idea and prototyping development

Dates & Location

Monday 6th - 7th December, 2021

Tue: 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Idea Lab: Floor 7 - Art Studio



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