The first step for all creative projects starts with the “creative brief”. For creatives, designers and strategists, the brief is the base creativity stems from. Step 1 begins with asking the right questions that extract the most specific answers from your client. Step 2 is turning those answers, words, thoughts and feelings into creative concepts. Join Creative Agency Founder Tala Saleh on a collective creative briefing session.
It could be a personal brief, or one from a client. It could be full of details, directions and parameters or be wide open. You don’t have to be a designer to find a creative edge in the brief. Shall we begin asking?

Dates & Location

Friday 5th November, 2021

Great Hall


English, Arabic

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Tala Saleh

Tala Saleh is the Founder and Managing Director of The Studio Upstairs, a boutique creative agency in Khobar. Known for her fascination with graffiti,…