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Pockets of Light


Join us in cultural conversations presented by the Imam of Ithra Mosque, Mohammed Al-Saawi, on scientific, knowledge and religious topics.

For the livestream, visit Ithra’s Instagram account: @ithra, and you will access the following cultural conversations:

Water and the Development of Civilization on: 16/04/2021.

Learn Craft Skills on: 19/04/2021.

Journeys through History on: 23/04/2021.

Shatr AlMasjid: The Art of Orientation on: 26/04/2021.

Insect Theater on: 30/04/2021.

A Language of Worship and Life on: 03/05/2021.

Philosophy of Joy on: 07/05/2021.

The Camel in Arab culture on: 10/05/2021.

Dates & Location

Friday 16th April - 10th May, 2021

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