Starting from August 1, 2021, entering the Center is for vaccinated people only.


From Plastic to Fabric (2 Days)


Participants will have the opportunity to go under one of the largest art installations to draw and sketch with new perspective. In this experience you will focus more on the shapes that your eyes are seeing instead of on how you think it should look. Sometimes our brains can play tricks on us, so push yourself to draw what you actually see. You will go through journey of contemporary art installations exploring differences perspectives and point of view. The journey will end up under the Center masterpiece (Source of Light) to sketch it from their own perspective.
Session drives:
- Establishing and practicing the basics: techniques and tools.
- Understanding perspective and composition

Dates & Location

Friday 30th - 31st July, 2021

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Idea Lab - Floor 6 (Think Tank)


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