Sketching is a conversation between the creative mind, the skillful hand, and the analytical eyes. It is a tool for creative discoveries and problem solving. Analog drawing is essential to find the first ideas of a design project, and then to assess and develop into the digital process.

As a case study, Pascal Zoghbi will present the 29LT Okaso and Oskura type project to explain the importance of analog in the digital type design profession. He will illustrate the full type design process of the project. From researching the Aljamiado manuscripts, sketching ideas to revive the Arabic vernacular letterforms, digitizing the Arabic glyphs and creating the Latin counterpart, and finally engineering the fonts with advanced typographic features.

Keeping the human aspect present in any digital work is vital. Without it, the project is soulless.

Dates & Location

Friday 5th November, 2021

Great Hall

English, Arabic

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Pascal Zoghbi

Lebanese designer and educator Pascal Zoghbi established 29LT digital type foundry in 2013 to explore the diversity and potential of the Arabic…