The pavilion has a unique position in architecture. Pavilions, whether permanent or transient, allow architects to experiment with materials, passions and concepts. Providing meeting points and shelter, they are socially minded centers for activity, debate and celebration, challenging people to integrate, interact and approach their environment in a new way. Nawaf Al-Nasser with Misk Art presents a panel of architects to share their experiences of prototyping at scale.

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Dates & Location

Friday 12th November, 2021

Great Hall


English, Arabic

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Nawaf Al-Nassar

Nawaf Al-Nassar obtained a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the American College of London in 1990, and has worked in the industry since. His…

Dina Haddadin

Dina Haddadin is an architect and multidisciplinary visual artist living and working in Jordan. Her art is the outcome of her ongoing explorations,…

Faisal AlOhali

Faisal’s professional experience has been focused on the intersection of design, architecture, and construction. He holds an M.S. Advanced…

Dana AlAmri

Shortlisted for the Women in Architecture and Construction Award’s Rising Star category,Saudi architect and co-founder of Watad Studio, Dana AlAmri,…