Pascal Zoghbi: A Masterclass


Masterclass title: Knowing the type design process

Pascal Zoghbi showcases the type design phases that a professional designer and font engineer should undertake to ensure high quality generated fonts. Pascal Zoghbi will select one of 29LT typefaces and explains to the attendees the whole process from the conceptual stage until the publication of the fonts. The importance of research and analog work prior to digitization will be highlighted, as well as discuss the major digitization and coding techniques required to insure a correct transition from analog to digital.

Zoghbi will showcase to the attendees the digital drawing techniques required to ensure a humanistic glyphs structures, as well speak about the latest requirements in generating standard font as well as variable fonts.

Depending on time, each participant will be able to sketch, draw, and digitize one Arabic letter. Arabic calligraphy books and handouts will be available in the class to help each participant to select the calligraphic style she/he wants to inspire from and create their letter. Drawing materials will be supplied.

Participants who are interested in digitizing their letter, they should have their own laptop with Glyphs App installed in it.

Requirement: Please bring your own laptop to the masterclass.

Dates & Location

Saturday 6th November, 2021

Knowledge Tower - Floor 7 - Art Studio



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Pascal Zoghbi

Lebanese designer and educator Pascal Zoghbi established 29LT digital type foundry in 2013 to explore the diversity and potential of the Arabic…