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Ithra Cultural Majlis


A series of cultural encounters where the guests dive into the heart of the cultural issues that are most pressing in the current landscape. This series, in its third iteration, examines perspectives on Arabic poetry.

For the livestream, visit Zoom Webinar, and you will access the following cultural conversations:

- Arabic poetry and its translation with Mohammed Alabbas, Nawaf Albedani and Faisal AlSuabie on: 20/4/2021.

- Arabic poetry, its awards and academies with Dr. Khlaif Galeb, Dr. Mansoor Alharthi and Rawda Alhaj on: 27/4/2021

- Arabic poetry, image and imagery with Dr. Abdullah Aloqaibi, Faisal AlShahrani and Aisha Alsaifi on: 4/5/2021.

Dates & Location

Tuesday 20th April - 4th May, 2021

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