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Intro to Visual Programming (3 Days)


The workshop aims to explore TouchDesigner as a creative tool to take a step into the world of Creative Coding. The program is built in a way that shows easy examples of creating interesting visual results on a computer. The students will learn all about the world of real time graphics and create their own works of art using node-based programming, a simpler more visual approach to programming. Come witness the perfect blend of technology and optical visuals all intertwined into one. This introduction to visual programming in TouchDesigner is meant to be a simple pathway into what can seem like a whole new world: a creative coding approach to programming that comes from an art and design angle. There are many tools out there, which try to simplify it for artists and designers to work with interactive technologies that require programming. While many of these tools rely on written code, some programs go another way, which is becoming more and more common: visual programming.

Dates & Location

Thursday 27th - 29th May, 2021

Thu, Fri, Sat: 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM,

Knowledge tower


English, Arabic

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SAR 400

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Nasser AlShemimry

Nasser Alshemimry is an audio-visual artist who goes by the alias DesertF!sh. Through this alias he represents his Najdi roots and life on the Red Sea…