Arthur Mamou-Mani is an architect specialized in eco-parametric design, looking at coupling a cradle to cradle approach to design within the maker’s movement. As a diverse studio of designers, makers and technologists, Mamou-Mani’s methodology is to create synergy throughout these fields by using constant feedback and iterations. Their work uses algorithms to generate and evolve concepts based on rules and parameters, similarly to natural processes. The architect’s belief in craft and innovation has led his practice to co-develop their own custom software for 3D printing and bespoke hardware for the wider fields of design and construction. Through several of his firm’s projects as well as FabPub, his fabrication company, Mamou-Mani will show how parametric design and digital fabrication can bring us closer to the natural world, and how his studio’s approach can lead the way towards a positive robotic age.

Dates & Location

Friday 12th November, 2021

Great Hall


English, Arabic

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Arthur Mamou-Mani

Arthur Mamou-Mani AA dipl, ARB/RIBA FRSA is a French architect and director of the award-winning firm Mamou-Mani, specialising in a new kind of…