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Precious Plastics: Mini Recycling Factory is a global community of recyclers, makers and creatives who are building small enterprises from plastic waste. Join this workshop to learn how to use the machines and processes to take waste plastic, process it and create new products for the market. Then join a new community at Ithra to design and develop new products with access to the Precious Plastic mini recycling factory.

Background: The open-source nature of the Precious Plastic initiative is an excellent example of what happens if people open themselves up. By sharing their knowledge and resources with the world, there are now Precious Plastic communities around the globe. Through online platforms, we are more connected than ever and able to collaborate on projects. When data is open, creative thinkers from all backgrounds can improve, change and adjust projects and ideas. This process accelerates the development process, increasing the functionality of projects rapidly. What other global communities can we make?

In this workshop, you will learn how make your products by the following :
1- Sorting plastics types and usage
2- Plastic shredding
3- creating products using one of the following machines (injection, extrusion, compression)

*This workshop does not require any previous technical knowledge.

Dates & Location

Monday 31st May - 1st June, 2021

Mon, Tue: 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM,

Lush Garden



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SAR 250

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